(5.11.1988) Polish/Tatar origins. Currently based in Lisbon, Portugal and very well traveled mostly for work around both continents Europe and Asia (lived in 35 countries). Graduated Academy of Art ADA in Florence, Italy. I have masters in Fine Art and Sculpture. Have 10 years of teaching experience on the same subject. Although doing documentary photography and filmmaking jobs for UNESCO projects. In 2017 I won an award as a director of photography for the movie "Lear to play the game" I have a deep interest in art and documentary photography and use my images to represent what she feels about the people and architecture.
I have more than 15 years of experience working as a photographer.
I also enjoy and see photography and filmmaking as very much an integral part of her creative passion where KATASTROFFFE project took the leading part. It was 10 exhibitions and more than 50 publications at the different magazines and popular creative sources on Instagram. Right now she is working on a photography books, producing KATASTROFFFE clothing line, posters and postcards, travels for work & exhibitions few times a year.
My personal skills
  • I speak and write in English, Russian. Understand and can communicate in Turkish, Polish, Italian.
  • I am always in marketing trends. I am very well traveled and i have graduated three universities which makes me very valuable member of a creative team. I love to invest into great atmosphere and experience. I have experience working as an Art Director for the company for 1.5 year.
  • I have a wide clients base and experience in different spheres of photography & film making around the world.
  • It is my full time job.
  • I won the award as a director of photography on Milano Short Film Festival in 2017.
  • I was working as documentary photographer for over a 10 years for UNESCO projects. I adapt to the situations and light changes very quick and work fast.
  • I develop web pages for companies and individuals giving a full service - taking photos, design and content planning. This web page i created myself ;)
If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
I am based in Lisbon,Portugal but i move constantly and cooperate with people and companies all over the world. Contact me for cooperation.
Phone: +351912477632
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